Duplicate a note
Box-selection and duplicating notes

Box-selection and duplicating notes including white space
Move note with mouse
Move notes with mouse
Change velocity to multiple notes(re-phrase)
Deselect or with the escape key
Delete selected notes or with the delete key
Move last edited note(s) with arrow-keys With this you could arrange notes rather fast,
like in this video (0:06 - 0:16)
Select/deselect individual notes
Copy/paste a selection of notes Paste copied notes elsewhere with ghost notes as a visual guide.

Copy/paste a selection of notes Here the selection and ghost notes align/maches vertical completely, so it'll preserve other vertical notes within that area.
Drag notes to the edge of the window
Drag notes across other notes

Select individual notes and duplicate them An example of what happens when you duplicate notes over other notes.
notes in the way dissapear
Paste note selection with mouse-click
An example of pasting selected notes after hitting C (copy)
Box-selection behaviour
No need to wrap the box-selection around the entire notes
Box-selection behaviour 2
Only the horizontal white space is kept
Box-selection behaviour 3
Box-selection behaviour 4
You can also select/deselect individual notes
Vertical selection shortcut
Click on the same spot you ended the box-selection to automatically select all notes above/under the selection.
Vertical selection shortcut

The shortcut is also helpful when notes are outside view